Minimum Time Escape from a Circular Region of a Dubins Car

A turn-constrained evader strives to escape a circular region in minimum time.

Pursuit-Evasion on a Sphere and When It Can Be Considered Flat

Pursuit-Evasion on a Sphere and analogs to Apollonius Circle

Virtual Target Selection for a Multiple-Pursuer Multiple-Evader Scenario

This paper considers an M-pursuer N-evader scenario involving virtual targets. The virtual targets serve as an intermediary target for the pursuers, allowing the pursuers to delay their final assignment to the evaders. However, upon reaching the …

An Optimal Guidance Strategy for the Defense of a Non-Maneuverable Target in 3-D

An engagement scenario involving the defence of a non-manoeuvrable agent, called the Target, is considered. A pursuing agent, engages the non-manoeuvrable Target while a defending agent, which aims at intercepting the Pursuer to protect the Target, …

An Intercept and Following Strategy for a Multi-rotor Platform using a Modified Proportional Navigation

Combatant small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (CUAVs) can easily enter restricted airspace and may be mitigated by counter UAVs. Intercepting and following combatant UAVs in restricted airspace could be achieved with multi-rotor UAVs. A pseudotarget based …