Getting Started with Typst - Some Equations (S01E03)

In this video, I talk about typesetting mathematics in Typst. I go through several examples and show you how to align equations, reference them, and show some tips and tricks for a new user.

Getting Started with Typst - Some Basics (S01E02)

In this video, I explain how to do several basic commands in typing a paper with Typst. Rather than use a template, this video shows how to make a paper, insert figures, tables, equations, and citations as well as label and reference that content.

Getting Started with Typst - Installing and First Usage (S01E01)

In this video I show how to install Typst on a Mac using home-brew. I also show what extensions in VS Code to use when generating PDFs and how real-time editing is possible with Typst. I also show how to obtain templates on Typst Universe and how to use the terminal to install and download those templates.

Getting Started with Typst - Some Figures (S01E04)

It’s important to insert figures and control their location, and how they’re referenced, and understand the limitations of using figures. This document serves as an introduction to how to use Typst to insert figures.