Getting Started with Typst - Some Figures (S01E04)

Jan 1, 0001

It’s important to insert figures and control their location, and how they’re referenced, and understand the limitations of using figures. This document serves as an introduction to how to use Typst to insert figures. In this video, we cover how to

  • Insert a figure
  • Reference that figure
  • Control the location of the figure on the page by forcing it (Top, Bottom, Automatic, None)
  • Insert a figure in double-column text
  • Investigate how sizing figures works
  • Look at some workaround for subfigures
  • Look at some workarounds for full-width figures in double-column text

The version of Typst that I was using at the time of recording is v0.11. Please consider subscribing and commenting below. I am not, in any way affiliated with Typst development and am simply a new user of this tool. I have much to learn and hope to become more proficient through the generation of this content.

Typst’s online editor can be accessed here

Typst documentation is here here