Methods and Apparatus to Achieve Independent Six Degree Control of Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle


A method of configuring a wing velocity profile includes segmenting a complete wingbeat cycle into a set of quarter strokes including a first quarter-stroke, a second quarter stroke, a third quarter-stroke, and a fourth quarter-stroke. The method further includes generating time-varying quarter-stroke wing position commands for each of a first and second wing planforms to produce wing flapping trajectories that generate non-Zero, cycle averaged wing lift and drag and alter a cycle average center of pressure of each of the first and the second wing planforms relative to the aircraft. The wing position commands include Velocities and positions with temporally symmetric and asymmetric quarter stroke components for the first wing planform and the second wing planform. The first wing planform and the second wing planform produce controlled six-degrees-of freedom vehicle motion without using actuators in excess of the first actuator and the second actuator.

US Patent: 9428269