An Optimal Engagement Zone Avoidance Scenario in 2-D


In this paper, an optimal control problem is considered where a target vehicle aims to reach a desired location in minimum time while avoiding a dynamic engagement zone. Using simple motion, four potential approaches are considered. First, the min-time strategy which ignores the engagement zone is posed and solved. Second, the min-time strategy which avoids the engagement zone entirely is considered. Third, the min-time strategy which allows for some time in the engagement zone; but, still strives to stay away from the center of the engagement zone is posed. Lastly, a fixed final-time strategy is considered, wherein the target tries to avoid the engagement zone; but, is required to arrive at the desired location at a specific time. Using a nonlinear program solver, the optimal strategies are numerically solved. From the results of the numeric solutions, the optimal strategies are discussed and comparisons are drawn.

AIAA SciTech 2022